About Medisis


Medisis was developed to cater for any professional who uses the DSMiv document as a bases for there profession. This includes most if not all professionals who treat people with psychiatric disorders. The application aims to give these professionals scientific data to analyse that is generated by using the expertise. It is based around the DSMvi document as stated before but with some mathematical corrections done to the document. Still it complies fully with this document.

There is some functionality built in for managers and researchers in the field. Realtime statistics can be generated on workload and medication usage.

The application is based in distribution and SOA. It is fully scalable and can cater for any number of hospitals, medical professionals and patients.

The information is transfered securely. No one except valid users on the system can view sensitive patient medical information. This was done to conform to various legal acts around the world including HIPPA.

The development was done in a platform independent manner and associated with the GPL and other open source legal documents to provide a cheaper solution to the problems South Africa is facing without compromising on quality.

Note that the system needs an administrator. It can't function without one