In the download pack there are 7 items. The lib folder goes with the Medisis-client.jar and the contains all dependancies for the ear file to run on jboss 6 (Neo).

The first thing you have to do is put the jbosslib stuff into the "path to jboss install directory"/server/default/lib/ remember to unzip.

The second thing needed is to configure jboss for mutual ssl. The password for the file is changeit. There are various tutorials on Google to do this. When doing this you need two keystores. One for jboss (Configuring mutual ssl), the other is created by the script and copied to the right place by running the Install.jar file from the same directory.

The third thing that needs to happen is the database setup. Install postgreSQL 8.4, then setup a database and run the create_schema file contained in the sql directory. After this configure a data source in jboss for postgreSQL. This should also be configiured for SSL.

Note above I speak of two different SSL connections. The one is how people are going to connect to jboss. The other is how jboss connects to postgreSQL. Do not get confused by the two.