About the author


Stephen Lintott graduated from Rand Afrikaans university in 2001 and still did some studies in various aspects of computer science until 2003 at RAU

While there he did various things in the area of computers,culture and community service as he was elected to represent his fellow students in these matters. Currently Stephen is single and developing software for real world problems. He does not do well in a corporate environment.


  • House committee Kanniedood (RAU) 2000/2001
  • House committee Kanniedood (RAU) 2002/2003
  • Designing and hosting a website for NG Welsein.
  • Painting at Abraham Kriel child shelter.
  • Designed and implemented database for a fraternity on RAU.
  • Six plays expressing how he felt about certain topics.
  • Organizing events like debating and serenade.
  • Appointed as assistant to the department computer science before graduation.
  • Designed an encryption program to solve a HIPPA problem faced by Discovery holdings(Destiny health).
  • Worked on the VEP architecture under Dr. Mulder.
  • Did a presentation for Faritec employees on UML and design patterns as they relate to IBM and Web sphere.
  • Designed and implemented a scanning and capturing application for business.
  • Did a presentation on Design patterns for companees that sub contract for MTN
  • Redesigned some of the components on the MTN system
  • Wrote this application from scratch